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  • Absent Work
    Students will have the next period with a one week extension.

    Late Work
    Ten points deducted for late work. Anything not turned in by the IPR results in a score of zero.

    Major and Daily Grades - make up, or corrections, will be due one week after test/homework is returned to the student. Maximum score possible is 70%.

    *Specifically for my classes*

    Extra Credit: Students will be given a weekly take home bonus assignment with 15 questions. Every correct answer will result in 1 point of bonus plus an extra point for the correct work/explanation. This bonus will be attached to the daily grades. By the end of the nine weeks, this could be an extra daily grade. 

    Classwork VS Homework: This year I am trying something new. The “homework” will be the Extra Credit Spiral given on Monday. They will have the whole week to complete it, but work must be shown on each problem to receive the extra credit. Our class grades will be taken during class where they will do a four-question Exit Ticket. Our classwork will typically be on Google Classroom, so students must bring their Chromebooks to class.