Crockett Cares....What is that??

  • Physical education, fitness, and health extends beyond the confines of a 55 minute PE class period.  It has to become a lifestyle that kids carry on beyond the walls of our school. Crockett Cares is an initiative that aims to bring physical education and fitness into the community through engaging, family-fun school and community events.  These events will take place both at Crockett and out in the San Marcos community. They will look to collaborate with local entities with the ultimate goal to bring businesses, parents, students and the school together in order to strive to keep San Marcos healthy and active.  Below are some potential events to be launched through Crockett Cares:

    Events at Crockett

    • Crockett Field Day
    • Crockett Track Meet
    • Family Nights
    • Running Club
    • After School Camps

    Events in the Community

    • Community 5k’s
    • Family Hike Night - monthly hikes at local trails