• Private Lessons (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

    The Miller Band program feels strongly about the importance of private study as an integral part of developing the student’s progress on their instrument. The one-on-one relationship available in a private lesson allows for more individual attention than is permitted in a large group rehearsal. Students can concentrate on their own unique playing problems, improving on areas in which they are weak and progress at their own rate. This individualized instruction can provide a better chance to master their own instrument, as well as maintain the quality of the band program. Lessons can help even if you sign up for ONE lesson a month.

    We have a private lesson staff that specializes in teaching each instrument. Lessons are usually $20 per half hour in San Marcos. Most instructors will come during the school day and will pull out students while they are in band. Lessons can also happen before and after school, as well as at your home.



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