• My schedule for 2018-2019:

    1st Period     Medical Terminology     8:20-9:11

    2nd Period    Medical Terminology     9:17-10:15

    3rd Period    Conference                  10:21-11:12

    4th Period     Anatomy/Physiology    11:18-12:09

    Lunch                                             12:09-1:09

    5th Period     Anatomy/Physiology     1:15-2:06

    6th Period     Medical Terminology     2:12-3:03

    7th Period     Anatomy/Physiology     3:09-4:00


    Tutorial Times:

    Before and After School

    Monday Lunch

    Tuesday Lunch

    Wednesday Second Half of Lunch

    Thursday Second Half of Lunch

    Friday Lunch


Last Modified on September 21, 2018