• Mrs. Wagoner’s Sixth Grade Math

    Teacher email: lauren.wagoner@smcisd.net  


    We are safe. We are respectful. We are responsible. We are Rattlers. 




    When you walk into class: 

    • Greet teacher at the door.
    • Check “Info” board for details.
    • Make sure you have all supplies and get to work on warm-up.
    • If that doesn’t help you, quietly ask your neighbor.


    Entering the classroom

    • If I’m not in my room, you need to line up outside on the walk leading up the hallway.
    • Enter quietly and get ready to learn some mathematics! 


    Restrooms and Water:

    • Restrooms should be used during the passing period or during independent time, not during instruction.
    • You must sign out by the door and get a pass signed



    • Only one person should be sharpening their pencil at a time. 
    • The electric sharpener is only used before class or during independent time. Use the handheld pencil sharpeners during instructional time.  


    Grading Papers:

    • On occasion we may grade each other’s papers as a group. When grading another student’s paper, if you give someone an incorrect grade, whether it is higher or lower than they deserve, the amount of the grade that it differs from the actual grade will be deducted from your paper. 
    • The only marks you are allowed to make on another student’s paper is an “x” and the number they got wrong.


    Working on whiteboards:

    • On the front whiteboard, write big enough for people to see in the back and be confident in your answer. Try your best.
    • On individual whiteboards, stick to only writing math, keep your cap capped when not in use, and erase with the erasers, not tissues.


    Water and Food:

    • You may bring a bottle of water and leave it on your desk.
    • Ask permission to eat during class:
    • Any student who leaves a mess will lose the privilege.
    • Gum is against school rules.



    • When the bell rings for class to begin, everyone should be seated with all materials and working. 
    • When the bell rings for the end of class, the teacher dismisses you when you are sitting quietly.