3-5 Schedule & Enrichment

  • We share this additional information for parents to reinforce skills and bridge the learning from year to year. 


    Suggested Time

    The suggested amount of time per content area/activity

    Optional Learning Opportunities

    Additional resources to enrich the learning experience

    3rd Grade

    4th Grade

    5th Grade


    30 minutes

    Once finished with your teacher assigned mathlesson,


    • Dreambox Learning - access via district single sign-on portal


    30 minutes Activity

    30 minutes Silent Reading

    Once finished with your teacher assigned ELA lesson,

    Silent reading. Curl up with a favorite book or magazine.

    • Sora eBooks have the highest recommendation. Students can access all SMCISD ebooks and audiobooks as well as the San Marcos Public Library digital collection.


    30 minutes Once finished with your teacher assigned science lesson, try these Science Resources for some enrichment: Khan Academy computer programming


    30 Minutes Morning
    30 Minutes Afternoon

    Play. Ideally, play outside. Get that heart pumping.