9-12 Schedule & Enrichment

  • We share this additional information for parents to reinforce skills and bridge the learning from year to year. 


    Suggested Time

    The suggested amount of time per content area/activity


    Additional resources to enrich the learning experience


    30 minutes

    Once finished with your teacher assigned math lesson,

    Khan Academy math practice. Depending on your confidence and grade level, one of the following courses are likely good for you: 


    30 minutes Activity

    30 minutes Silent Reading

    Once finished with your teacher assigned ELA lesson,

    Silent reading. Curl up with a favorite book or magazine.

    • Sora eBooks have the highest recommendation. Students can access all SMCISD ebooks and audiobooks as well as the San Marcos Public Library digital collection.


    Things to write about/prompts:

    • What do you think will be the short term implications of the pandemic and the school closures?
    • How will society be different post pandemic? Why?
    • How is this virus different from the flu? Why does that matter?
    • What is the social impact on you of school closures? What is positive and what is negative?
    • Is the governmental response that you are seeing adequate? What would you do differently if you were the mayor, governor or president?


    30 minutes

    Khan Academy high school biology could also be used. Do research on what a virus is and how it spreads. Keep track of the news and how the various countries are responding to the pandemic.

    Khan Academy resources:


    30 Minutes Morning
    30 Minutes Afternoon

    Go for a walk/run. Youtube JustDance/workouts if the weather is bad.

    Break. Walk/run outside if possible. Walk/break – Try Go Noodle or Youtube JustDance