PreK-2 Schedule & Enrichment

  • We share this additional information for parents to reinforce skills and bridge the learning from year to year. 


    Suggested Time

    The suggested amount of time per content area/activity

    Lessons & Optional Learning Opportunities

    Additional resources to enrich the learning experience

    WEEK 9 (May 18 - 22)

    30 minutes ABCMouse

    30 minutes Dreambox 


    Bonham Youtube Channel

    Optional Lessons
    Lecciones Opcionales


    Total Learning time- no more than 3 hours

    • 30 minutes ABCMouse
    • 30 minutes Dreambox 

    Learning time should not be more than 3 hours (includes playtime and outdoor learning time)

    • Daily Morning meetings with classes begin on Zoom. (Teachers will schedule time)
    • Teachers will do a weekly read-aloud lesson on ClassDojo.
    • One lesson per day should be done with the paper packet.

    Optional Lessons
    Lecciones Opcionales