• Career Preparation I

    Class Syllabus




    Teacher’s Name:  Karen Mills                                                                                                        Classroom #:   518                                                                  

    Teacher’s e-mail address: karen.mills@smcisd.net                                                                         Teacher’s Phone #: 512-393-6832

    Tutorials:  Before School – 7:45am - 8:15am                                                                                  Conference Period: 6th Tu & Th 1:50-2:35

    Website Link: https://www.smcisd.net/site/Default.aspx?PageType=1&SiteID=8&ChannelID=300&DirectoryType=6


    Materials needed for this class

    Pen/Pencil and paper

    General Course Description


    Career Preparation I provides opportunities for students to participate in a work-based learning experience that combines classroom instruction with business and industry employment experiences.  The goal is to prepare students with a variety of skills for a changing workplace.  Career preparation is relevant and rigorous, supports student attainment of academic standards, and effectively prepares students for college and career success. 


    Instructional Objectives


    Students will learn skills that are needed in the workforce of today.


    Grading Policy


    Formative (daily) grades at 60% and summative (test) grades at 40%.


    Make-Up Work


    Will be accepted until five days before the grading period ends.


    Behavior Expectations


    • Follow the classroom rules.
    • It is important for you to be in class every day. All work must be done in class so if you are absent you will need to come for tutorials.



    Ms. Mills’ Classroom Rules



    • You may not use phones or listen to music during class when I am direct teaching.
    • You must sit in your assigned seat at all times because you are responsible for your assigned computer during class.
    • Do not roll past the area of your desk or spin in your chair.
    • Work needs to be turned in on time.
    • If you cheat, you and the person you copied from will both receive zeros and I will call your parents.
    • You are responsible for making sure you get the notes and assignments when you are out.
    • All work must be done during class or in my tutorials.
    • It’s important for you to be in class every day because we work from bell to bell so you will have a class period worth of work to catch up on for each class missed.
    • As soon as you come to class, log on to the computer so you will be ready for class.


    I’m looking forward to a fun and exciting year.  Please see me if you have any questions, or need special help.







    Go Rattlers!!!


    Class Period               

    ****Failure to return will imply acceptance****



    Please sign, date and return to Ms. Mills.



    I have received and agree to abide by Ms. Mills’ expectations and rules.



    __________________________                     _____________________________

    Print Student Name                                                                              Student Signature                                                                                             Date

    __________________________                                              ______________________________

    Print Parent/Guardian Name                                                                                                                                                                   Parent/Guardian Signature                                                                                 Date


    Which is the best way to contact parent, by email or phone?

                      Email        Phone        Text           (please circle one)

    Please provide:

    Email: ____________________________________

    Phone: ____________________________________


    ****Failure to return will imply acceptance****



    Units of Study (These topics will be covered.  This is an estimated time frame.)


    Course: Career Prep 1


    No. of Days


    Unit Name

    1st Nine Weeks


    8/23 – 8/27


    1 (A, B, C, D, E, F)

    3 (E)

    Career and Placement Preparation

    8/30 – 8/31


    3 (H)

    Training Plan Agreement Paperwork

    9/1 – 9/24


    1 (A-E) and 9 (A-C)

    Professional Employability Skills – job opportunities, résumé, interview techniques, employment application, I-9 form, W-4 form, and thank you letters.  Evaluate and compare employment options, including salaries and benefits, determine how interests, abilities, personal priorities, and family responsibilities affect career choice, and determine continuing education opportunities that enhance career advancement and promote lifelong learning

    9/27 – 10/19


    3 (A-H)

    Discuss work ethics, employer expectations, interactions with diverse populations, and communication skills in the workplace. Insight Personality Color questionnaire and notes.

    2nd Nine Weeks


    10/20 - 11/10


    4 (A-D)

    Apply academic skills to the workplace.  Apply mathematical skills to business transactions, develop a personal budget based on a career choice, interpret data from tables, charts, and graphs to estimate and find solutions to problems, and organize, write, and compile workplace business documents.

    11/11 – 12/17


    5 (A-E)

    Apply ethical code of conduct and legal responsibilities within the workplace. Research and compare published workplace policies and procedures, demonstrate ethical behavior, summarize provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act, describe the consequences of "breach of confidentiality", and research and describe laws related to different careers.

    3rd Nine Weeks


    1/5 – 3/11



    Entrepreneurship – Gmetrix and ESB Exam

    4th Nine Weeks


    3/21 – 4/1


    6 (A & B)

    Apply the use of self-development techniques and interpersonal skills. Identify and practice effective interpersonal and team-building skills and develop effective leadership skills.

    4/4 – 4/29


    7 (A-E)

    Apply concepts and skills related to safety in the workplace. Identify and apply safe working practices related to the workplace, demonstrate knowledge of personal and occupational safety practices in the workplace, offer solutions related to unsafe work practices and attitudes, explain Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations in the workplace, and determine health and wellness practices that influence job performance.

    5/2 – 5/27


    8 (A-F)

    Evaluate personal attitudes and work habits that support career retention and advancement. Analyze the future employment outlook in the occupational area, compare rewards and demands for various levels of employment in a variety of careers, evaluate strategies for career retention and advancement in response to the changing global workplace, summarize the rights and responsibilities of employers and employees, and determine effective money-management and financial-planning techniques.






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