Degrees and Certifications:

Rebekah Richardson

Mrs. Richardson is a proud Travis Texan. She is currently starting her third year as the Travis music specialist. Before teaching for San Marcos CISD, Mrs. Richardson began her career in San Antonio as a music teacher for Steubing Elementary where there was a large population of international students. 

Mrs. Richardson graduated from The University of Texas San Antonio in 2016 with a bachelors degree in music. She is certified to teach early childhood through twelfth grade but she loves teaching at the elementary level. In college her main instrument of study was voice. She has sung pieces from many famous composers, and operas. She performed in many vocal groups including UTSA's top performing groups. Now she loves to sing and play songs with her many Travis students as well as her own son at home. She likes to attend Orff Schulwerk workshops in her free time to learn more about Orffs theory of teaching children music. You will find a lot of the Orff Schulwerk process in her music classroom. 

In Mrs Richardson's music classroom you will see students playing a variety of musical instruments including Ukulele, Recorder, Xylophone and Metallophones. Students in Mrs. Richardson’s music room will also have time to explore instruments through technology. At Travis students will have the opportunity to sing, play, dance and explore music through interactive and engaging activities that reach a wide range of student interests. Students will have the opportunity to perform in different musical ensembles as well as after school clubs to further explore their love for music. The Travis music room is a magical place where students create and fall in love with music.