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Bachelor of Science in Math and Physical Education Masters of Business Administration in Management Mid-Management Certification

Mr. Dale Stonecipher

I was born in Indiana and grew up where they filmed the movie “Hoosiers.” My dad was a farmer and I learned very early about hard work and why I should go to school. We moved to Texas when I was sixteen and I graduated high school from Dalhart, Texas. Upon graduating from high school, I attended Wayland Baptist University majoring in mathematics and physical education. After finishing my undergraduate degree, I stayed at Wayland and received a Master’s of Business Administration degree. I then moved to Dallas where I worked for Automated Data Processing and married my wife Ronda. Twenty-eight years ago my family moved to the Lubbock area, where two children were born Kelsey and Ty. I have  coached and taught mathematics at little six-man football schools. During this time, I completed my mid-management certification at Texas Tech. Upon completion of my mid-management certification, we moved to the San Marcos area. I have had such interesting jobs as a truck driver, sanitation department, computer programmer, teacher, coach, Asst. Principal and Principal. I have taught math at every level from seventh grade to calculus. He have coached everything from football, baseball, track, tennis, golf, basketball, cross country, and now softball. This is his ninth year at SMHS.

General Information


    I am using this site as a way for both parents and students to get to know me and how I run my classroom. Periodically I will post tests and project schedules. If you need to contact me, please email me at dale.stonecipher@smcisd.net. I check my emails Monday through Friday daily; I always enjoy visiting with students and parents. Please feel free to contact me with your questions. My school phone number is 512-393-6867.


    I believe every child is a winner. Every child has the opportunity to be successful. I feel it is my privilege to help children be a winner. My job allows me an opportunity to be an influence on students. I want each student to feel they are important and can accomplish anything they want. I will help provide them with knowledge and confidence they need to be a winner, in the classroom and in life.


    I am teaching pre-calculus, coaching varsity assistant girls basketball and junior varsity softball. A detailed schedule is contained in the syllabus.


    1st period Algebra II

    2nd period Algebra II

    3rd period Algebra II

    4th period Precalculus

    2nd Lunch

    5th period Precalculus

    6th period Algebra II

    7th period Conference

    8th period Athletics


    Attendance is extremely important for students to keep up with the daily instruction. Assignments are expected to be turned in when students return to class. Extracurricular activity participation is highly encouraged for all students. Students will be expected to be prepared for class upon their return. Students are expected to follow all San Marcos CISD school policies. I expect students to be prepared, be respectful and courteous, and follow directions.


    Summative Grades ... 40% -Tests and Projects.

    Formative Grades   ... 60% Independent Practice and Quizzes.


    This precalculus course is one in which students use functions, equations, sequences, series, vectors and limits as tools to express generalizations and to analyze and understand a variety of mathematical relationships and real-world phenomena. Expanded work in functions includes polynomial, rational, radical, exponential, logarithmic and trigonometric functions.


    • Larson and Hostetler Precalculus with Limits, Connally, Hughes-Hallett, Gleason, Et Al.
    • Functions Modeling Change A Preparation for Calculus
    • TI-84 Plus (Students may check out calculators).


    First Nine Weeks include function attributes which includes domain vs range, odd vs even (symmetries), transformations, significant points (e.g. zeroes, intercepts, maximums/minimums), continuity, end behavior. Polynomial functions include graph analysis, solving polynomial equations, modeling and regression, rational functions emphasizing analyzing domain, asymptotic behavior, sketching graphs and modeling. Piece-wise functions representation which is graphical and symbolic.

    Second Nine Weeks include exponential functions with graph analysis, solving exponential functions, modeling and regression, logarithmic functions with graph analysis, properties of logs, solving log equations, modeling and regression. 

    Third Nine Weeks will be basic trigonometric terms and ratios, degrees vs. radians, creating the unit circle, defining trigonometric ratios, finding special trigonometric values with inverse values. Trigonometric functions with graphing, transformations and modeling..

    Fourth Nine Weeks focuses on analytic trigonometry emphasizing identities, equations and laws of sine and cosine. Vectors will be represented graphically, with writing, angle direction and dot product, sequences and series representation (symbolic and graphical), arithmetic sequences, partial sums and geometric sequences and series. Introduction to limits and evaluation techniques.  Parametric equations with converting between rectangular and parametric form and simulating motion. Conic sections include model motion and physical properties.


    First Nine weeks focuses on Introduction to Functions emphasizing representation of relations, domain and range, dependent, independent, inverse functions of absolute value, quadratic, square root, cubics, cubic roots, exponential and logarithmic.  Graph and solve absolute value equations and inequalities.

    Second Nine weeks will emphasize systems of equations, including two and three variables, graphing, solving algebraically and with matrices.  An emphasis will be on rational exponents by factoring, sum/differnce of cubes, polynomial ong division and solving exponential equations without logarithms.

    Third Nine weeks will be quadratic functions using graphing, domain and range, completing the square and solve by factoring, graphing and quadratic formula. We will be studying radical and cubic functions by graphing transformations and solving equations.

    Fourth Nine weeks includes rational, exponential and logarithmic functions where we will be graphing, solving finding critcal values and writing equations and applying in real life situations.



    Tutorials are available every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning starting at 7:30 am. After school tutorials are available by appointment.


    Online tutorials will be Tuesday afternoon from 1:00 - 3:00 and Thursday mornings from 9:00 - 11:00, during the COVID 19 quarnatine.

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