• Why Parents Should Get Involved in PTA or PTO

    Research indicates that parents who get involved in their child’s education help them earn higher grades and  stay in school. Further studies show that schools improve when parents take an active role. The best way to participate is to join your school’s Parent Teacher Association (PTA) or Parent Teacher Organization (PTO).

    PTA and PTO are grassroots organizations that bring parents in direct communication with teachers and administrators to be involved in the education of students. On local, state, and national levels, the organizations often advocate for children’s issues with the government.

    Parents can become involved in some of these events:

    • Fundraising events such as carnivals and campus stores, and the sales of promotional items like tee shirts
    • Book Fairs
    • Teacher Appreciation events and other morale boosters for staff
    • Back-to-School Nights
    • Scholarships funds for children
    • School beautification projects
    • Parent classes, workshops, and seminars offering practical advice to parents
    • Newsletters to keep in touch with other parents on scheduled events, achievements, and announcements

    Besides generally increasing your own child’s odds of succeeding in school, there are many reasons for getting involved in these organizations, such as:

    • Getting advice from other parents. Exchange practical information such as babysitters, good pediatricians, tutoring services, etc.
    • Gaining a greater understanding of broad educational issues, discuss options, and discover solutions to campus challenges.
    • Improving  teacher morale. When teachers feel connected and appreciated, they are more enthusiastic about their work.
    • Being informed on campus issues such as budgets, curriculum, etc.
    • Helping to improve the school for all students, making the school stronger and the students prouder and more confident.
    • Influencing important decisions. You will get a vote on how  funds raised are spent and a voice in what programs your campus participates such as drug-free programs, health programs, and violence prevention workshops.

    The best part is that anyone can join the local PTAs and PTOs. Not only do we have parents who are members, but many grandparents signed up, as well, and they are very involved with the PTO.

    Campuses often hold membership drives at the beginning of the school year for the full advantage of involvement. But all the San Marcos CISD campuses agree that members are welcomed throughout the school year.  Contact your child’s local campus parent organization to join.  It is all about children’s welfare.

Last Modified on July 17, 2017