About Teacher

Mr. Carl Contreras

Phone: 512-393-6130


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Science in Education(1st-8th grade) Minor in Guidance Studies Certificate of Education in Kindergarten

Mr. Carl Contreras


My name is Carl Contreras and this will be my 32nd year teaching.  All at the Pre-k level.  I am from San Marcos and went to Southwest Texas where I met my wife.  She is an assistant deputy director for the Attorney General  Office in Austin.  We have two amazing daughters, one who is about to graduate next summer from Texas State with a degree in Education.  Our second daughter, who is a freshman this year at Texas Lutheran University, in Seguin, is on the volleyball team and plays as a defensive specialist or Libero.  She is studying to become an accountant.  This year we plan on traveling during the fall to watch her play.   During my spare time I enjoy spending time outside on the yard, playing golf, traveling and of course spending time with my family. 

My Instructional Assistant is Angie Gonzales, who has been with me for the last few years.  She has 22 years of experience working with Pre-K students at all Bonham.  

We both enjoy working with children and look forward to helping your child to learn, laugh and love school this year.   

  • school PLANNING TIME/CONFERENCE PERIOD Monday-Friday 1:10-1:55


    This would be the best time to get a hold of me by calling the school.

     The phone number is 512-393-6130.  You may call the office let the school know if your child will be absent of if there is a change in transportation change.(bus changes take 3 days).  To take your child off the bus for the day, please call by 1:30 and no later than 2:00 if it is an emergency.


    backpack BACKPACK: send everyday with purple folder and lending library book.

    PURPLE FOLDER: please check and initial daily.  I will sign or initial daily as well.  This is how you and I will communicate through notes, dr. excuses, absences, change of address or phone number, change of transportation, etc. 

    NEWSLETTERS: you will receive a monthly newsletter between 1st and 3rd of every month.  These newsletters will contain the theme and units for the month, books we will read, important dates for the month, birthdays and skills we will be learning for that entire month(or 9 weeks).  

    WATER BOTTLE: please send a water bottle with your child to school as soon as possible(by Sept 6).  They will be able to use it when going outside(hot weather) or in the classroom.  We will send them back during the cooler months and then ask for them back in late January.  

       CHANGE OF CLOTHES/EXTRA CLOTHESplease send shorts, shirt and underwear in a bag.  We will use keep these clothes at school and put them in a large zip lock baggie.  We will use them in case of an accident, if they get dirty and take them on field trips.  Please send by Sept. 6th. 

    TRANSPORTATION:  We encourage parents to have their children ride the bus to and from school and to try to keep the routine ALL YEAR.  

    BUS STUDENTS: All bus student must wear their bus tags on their backpack everyday, unless they lose them.  If this happens please inform the teacher so a new tag can be made.  The tags will be scanned upon entering the bus, which allows parents to monitor when the bus departs and when they will be arriving home.  


    bus   BUS CHANGES need to be made with the Bonham school front office-Mrs. Sauceda. (not the teacher).

    CAR STUDENTS: Parents will drive up to pick up their child using the car name tag( which is to be placed on the rear view mirror). car

    FOR SAFETY REASONS, parents will not be allowed to park and walk up to pick up their child.  PARENTS also must have their NAME TAG visible  and with them in order to pick up their child.  IF they do not have their car tag, they must park in the PARKLING LOT and come into the school to get another car tag AND THEN they will need to get back in their car and get back in the car line to be able to pick up their child.

     CHANGING FROM CAR TO BUS takes 3 days.  It must be in writing or the parent may come in to speak with the office.