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Statement From the Board of Trustees in Response to Current Events

Dear San Marcos Consolidated Independent School District staff, families, and students --

As a School Board, we write you today in the midst of national strife as we all feel outrage and grief over the senseless loss of George Floyd, Ahmaud Aubrey, and Breonna Taylor, the most recent names in a long line of black men and women killed as a result of the color of their skin.

As elected representatives for our community it is our responsibility to acknowledge that in our country, across our state, and in all cities, we have a crisis of institutionalized and systemic racism that is the direct result of centuries of race-based inequity and injustice. San Marcos and our public schools are no exception. It plays out across all aspects of life for people of color regardless of income or socio-economic background.

This is why so many of our friends, neighbors, and citizens across our country have taken to the streets protesting not only the death of George Floyd, but also police killings of many other unarmed Black people over time.

In the face of continued abhorrent acts of racial violence across our country, we vow to redouble our efforts to ensure racial justice is at the center of everything we do.

We remain committed to eliminating racist discipline policies and practices in our schools and across our district; addressing the misdiagnosis of children for special education; providing students equitable access to gifted programs, Advanced Placement courses, and other academically rigorous experiences; integrating anti-racist studies; hiring, supporting, and advancing the careers of more ethnically diverse employees; and providing multidimensional, sustained professional learning experiences for teachers, counselors, staff members, and administrators that speaks to social justice, cultural competence and instructional practices that ensure an equitable access to education for all of our students.

Our schools must be safe havens where all children are heard, respected, and nurtured, can achieve and grow, and are guaranteed equity and justice.

May our community and our nation choose this difficult moment to listen, to learn, and to love.



The San Marcos CISD Board of Trustees