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National Bus Safety Week and School Bus Safety Audits

San Marcos CISD Families,

San Marcos CISD was proud to celebrate National Bus Safety Week with school bus safety audits at all of our campuses this week.

Our mission as a district is to focus on the safety and security of your children, not only when they are on campus, but also while they are being transported from home to school, and back.

In order to address this goal, our transportation department, central office and Board of Trustees has made the commitment to purchase buses that only contain seat belts moving forward. This school year, we will be implementing five of our new buses that include three point harness restraints for all riders.

With this terrific safety addition to our buses comes great responsibility for our riders. CNC (Legal) indicates that students must buckle their seat belts if the bus is equipped with them. All students that ride our buses will be expected to be seated and buckled in at all times while the bus is in motion. Any student that does not comply with this rule will be subject to disciplinary measures for bus behavior as outlined in your child’s Student Handbook.

For the safety of all bus riders, we ask that parents and guardians work with us in support of this policy and our focus of keeping all of our students safe.