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Goodnight M.S takes the lead in National Reading Event


Mrs. Martin-Thompson students at Goodnight Middle School take 1st place in Learning Ally's Great Reading Games, a 7-week event proven to help educators engage students and increase reading stamina, and compete with other schools nation-wide. 

Learning Ally began the competition three years ago to provide students the opportunity to read audio books. Goodnight M.S has been in the top every year, receiving national recognition in some way, but this is the first year the school has taken lead.

The first year Goodnight participated, two students ,Nathan Kinsey and Shelly Backus, received National recognition for their reading. Both Kinsey and Backus are AVID readers today. Last year 7th grader ,Justine Hernandez, received an award and placed 2nd as top reader across the Nation. This year, Goodnight’s lead reader is 7th grader, Jarren Villalobos.

In the first ten days of competition, Goodnight has placed 1st in the nation for 8 consecutive days reading more pages than any other school. 

“Each morning, I run the report provided to me by Learning Ally, post it outside my room, and take great pride knowing Goodnight is first in this competition. We are starting week 3 of our competition; we may not stay here long, but it's nice knowing we are there now. We plan to keep reading the next five weeks to try to hold on to our position in first place!” stated Mrs. Martin-Thompson.  

Learning Ally is the only human voice activated audio reading program for children with disabilities. This program provided by Learning Ally is a free service to students with dyslexia and or reading disabilities. 

“I am very proud of my students love for reading and they initiate reading at home and at school.” said Mrs. Martin-Thompson.

 Connie Martin-Thompson is the Dyslexia Specialist, the 504 Coordinator at  Goodnight Middle School. This is her twenty-ninth year in the San Marcos Consolidated District.


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7th Graders reading during the Learning Ally competition