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Miller Middle School Yearbook Information

Greeting Miller Families!

This message is coming to you from Ms. Delgado, in regards to our Yearbook program! We are faced with unique challenges when it comes to including content to our yearbook, granted that a lot of our community is experiencing Miller remotely from home. I want to invite all of our families to be directly involved with myself and our yearbook, to ensure that we are representing our student body to the best of our ability.

I have come together with my yearbook team to invite you to use a website where you can send me (Ms. Delgado) photos that you have taken of your students, friends, or yourselves at Miller. These files will be put directly in a folder I can access on the yearbook program where I can place them anywhere in the yearbook.

So, never stop capturing the moments of joy during remote learning of siblings helping each other navigate lessons, going to sports events, or tutoring with your favorite coach or teacher. I want to see it all!

The website link is: and the username is 415465569.

This website is protected for your privacy, and images submitted will be used for the yearbook itself ONLY.

To pre-order this year’s yearbook, please go to and search “Miller Middle School”

Thank you!
Ms. Delgado