Dreaming and Communicating to create a Life Students Love

Posted by Mark Rockeymoore on 1/5/2023 11:30:00 AM

Being able to share the power of the word with students is so important. Considering how young my students are, Freshmen in High School, understanding that their ability to communicate clearly and effectively is of such importance to the future trajectory of their life is an important foundation for everything they might want to accomplish. 

No matter what field they wish to pursue, if it is college and university, some sort of technical certification or training, military, construction or cosmetics, the ability to clearly speak reality into existence is an important skillset to hone. 

DreamDuring these days of global pandemics, economic and political uncertainty, inferencing, the understanding of underlying meaning, contributes to this ability to speak and write powerfully. To inference, though, it is necessary to be able to understand what is being read, as well as being able to process what is heard during the act of listening. 

CommunicationThese primary understandings of the nature of communication have to be overtly communicated to students because, although such talents are learned intuitively during the reading process and also during life itself, making them overt assists the student in actively cultivating these states of being. By doing so, they take an active hand in creating a life they love. 

I'm grateful for the opportunity to be able to assist students in doing so, because i want the best for them, as I know their parents and family, as well as the rest of their school cohort, including all of their teachers, do as well. We are in the second semester of the year and I am looking forward to continuing to learn with them as we enter 2023 and whatever the future may bring! 


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