Welcome to the home of the Heroes!

  • Our School Name

    Maria Hernandez was a strong and eloquent voice for civil rights and educational reform. During her lifetime, she wrote, demonstrated, spoke out publicly, and protested against the inferior, segregated education that Mexican-American children were receiving. Hernandez lived the principals of activism that she advocated for others and was instrumental in the organization of both the Orden Caballeros of America and the Raza Unida Party, devoting herself to the civic, educational, and social development of her people.


    Working together, whatever it takes, we will achieve! 

    Our vision is to develop responsible, independent, and resourceful individuals who have the knowledge and attitude to be successful in an ever-changing world.


    1. We value every child’s individual worth.
    2. We believe children learn best when we provide a safe and supportive learning environment.  
    3. We believe children learn best when there are respectful interactions between staff, students and families.  
    4. We believe children learn best when all members have a shared responsibility for student success.