Degrees and Certifications:

Latasha Walker

8B Volleyball
7A Girls Basketball
8th Grade Girls Soccer

Originally from Houston, TX, I moved to San Marcos in the Fall of 2012 to attend Texas State University and graduated with a Bachelor's in Exercise & Sports Science with a concentration in All-level Physical Education. I am currently getting my Master's degree from Texas Women's University in Sports Management. This is my second year at Miller Middle School as a reading intervention teacher and coach for volleyball, basketball and soccer. 


Phone: 5123936660


Degrees and Certifications:

Exercise and Sports Science All Level Special Education

Mr. Trey Compton

Miller Football
Miller 7B Girls Basketball
Miller Track & Field - Hurdles
Miller 7th Girls Soccer

This is my first year as an Educator/Coach. I bring a lot of energy and level headedness to the table. So far this year has been exhilarating and look forward to finishing the year out to start anew. 

About Me:
I am a Houston (Richmond) native. I played football, wrestled, and threw shot/discus at Richmond Foster. I knew I wanted to work in the realm of education since about 8th grade or so. I saw the impact sports played on not only my life, but also on my teammates lives. Some of whom worked their way out of calamity to play professional/semi-pro ball. 

Moreover, by trade most of my work experience hovers around construction based work. I worked mainly as a Sub-Contractor in high school up until I transferred to Texas State, with a pinch of land surveying before I was hired on. 

I started my college career at Wharton County Junior College, where I completed my basics developed a great passion for learning. After I completed my basics, I transferred to Texas State University to finish out my degree. There I went all in and absorbed as much knowledge as I could, taking the "harder" teachers so I could learn from someone who held the bar higher than most dared to go. This is why I try to set the bar far enough away as to make it challenging enough so they feel a great deal of pride when they finally reach it.

"Don't pray for an easy life, pray for the STRENGTH to ENDURE and difficult one!" -Bruce Lee

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