Mission Statement

  • The MISSION of Bonham Pre-Kindergarten School is to provide planned, purposeful, engaging, experiences that provide the foundation for positive social-emotional development and academic learning for every student.

Vision Statement

  • Play Learn and Grow the Foundation for the Future


    • Play is a child’s natural learning environment and it is the role of the Pre-K school to provide intentional play experiences that offer open ended learning experiences
    • Families can be active partners in educating their children
    • Communication, problem-solving, and thinking skills are crucial to academic learning
    • Children can learn appropriate behavior
    • Diversity in cultures, abilities, and families is valued
    • It is critical to provide services for children who have delays in development or disabilities
    • A collaborative approach to teaching, planning, and problem solving including staff, families, and community members makes for a more effective school
    • All staff members have a responsibility to help maintain a warm, friendly, and supportive school environment.

     We will:

    1. Provide all learners with safe, nurturing, inclusive and flexible learning environments. (Learning Environment)
    2. Engage learners through the use of technological tools to access create and share content as well as collaborate with other learners throughout the world. (Digital Learning Environment)
    3. Teach state Pre-Kindergarten Guidelines in a way that leads to profound learning and has meaning and value for students. (Learning Standards)
    4. Create flexible systems that result in a learning organization supported by innovative and engaged staff. (Organizational Transformation)
    5. Continuously involve our students’ families, our diverse community, and staff to use their strengths, resources and talents to provide engaging, innovative experiences for all learners. (Partnership)
    6. Develop and implement meaningful, varied assessments that inform and inspire students, parents, and educators for continuous improvement and growth. (RtI/Assessments)
    7. Design an accountability system that exceeds state/national mandates and reflects local values and expectations. (Accountability)

Contact Us

  • Physical Address
    1225 Highway 123, San Marcos, TX 78666

    Mailing Address
    P.O. Box 1087, San Marcos, TX 78667

    (512) 393-6031

    (512) 353-0671