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    Crockett’s library serves students in grades K-5 and all teachers and staff on campus. It is staffed with a full-time professional librarian. Each student is scheduled to visit the library every other week for check-out and a lesson.  The lesson could include skills to reinforce ELAR standards from the classroom, ways to research or locate information, digital citizenship, or collaborative learning through our Makerspace. If your child needs additional access to books, ebooks can be checked out for free through the Destiny Discover app and/or the Sora app.  Students may also visit the library throughout the week and self-check out their books as long as they have a class pass and ID Picture Badge.  Please note that if your student has overdue books, they may not be able to check-out until their account has been settled. 

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    Rachel Miller, Librarian 

Library Hours

  • The library is open Monday/Wednesday from 7:50-8:50 and 12:00-3:00 and Tuesday/Thursday from 7:50-11:00 and 2:15-3:00 and all day Friday.  Other times duringt the week are dedicated to teaching classes.  We can only offer Open Library time for those students with classroom passes and ID Picture Badges to utilize self-check.  



Student Log In

  • For additional access to resources including ebooks and check out information students and teachers may log in using their student log ins and passwords.

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