Welcome to the Miller Library



Contact Information

  • Jennifer Smith

    Information Literacy Specialist
    Office Number: 512.393.6650

Hours of Operation

  • Monday - Friday

    7:45 am—4:15pm

Student Expectations When Visiting the Library!

    • If you aren't visiting the Library with your Teacher or Class - You MUST have a hall pass. If you do not present a hall pass to Mrs. Diaz or a Library Aide, you will be sent back to class to get one from your Teacher.
    • Please make sure you are bring your Student ID Badge. I will need to scan your ID to checkout Library books or Technology items.
    • Food and/or drinks are NOT allowed in the Library.
    • Before leaving the Library, please make sure to throw away any trash on your way out, return all items where they are stored, and push in your chair.
    • Please remember to take all of your belongings, this includes: backpacks, lunch bags, Chromebooks, chargers, and all personal items. The Library isn't responsible for lost items.