• Crocket Star

    Crockett Elementary Guidance & Counseling

    Michelle Uribe
    School Counselor



    Mission Statement

    Crockett Elementary School Counseling Program is driven by data, guided by proactive advocacy and powered by collaboration with stakeholders. The program provides access to equitable accommodations, academic opportunities and effective goal setting, in order to produce participatory leaders in the community


    Positive Attitudes & Endless Possibilities

    Ms. Uribe is a certified counseling professional. Her background consists of 6 years as a middle school teacher and 6 years as a school counselor. She develops positive relationships with students in order to support lifelong learning and resilience. Her problem solving approach is relational, restorative and strength-based. She regularly attends professional workshops that promote character development and pro-social responses to bullying.

    Comprehensive Guidance Program

    Ms. Uribe offers a comprehensive guidance program in which the enhancement of the student’s educational development is the ultimate goal:

    • academic achievement
    • improved school attendance, attitudes and behavior
    • social skills
    • self-esteem, positive self-concept
    • getting along with others

    What does a school counselor do?

    • Coordinates the development of a comprehensive guidance plan based on student needs
    • Counsels with students individually and/or in groups
    • Provides classroom guidance lessons and assists teachers in providing special programs to students
    • Assists students in crisis situations
    • Helps to identify individual student needs
    • Refers students and parents to services and agencies outside the school
    • Conducts conferences with parents
    • Analyzes test results to provide information
    • Coordinates school-wide programs that recognize positive student behavior
    • Consult with parents, teachers, administrators and other relevant individuals to enhance their work with students

    Why Contact A School Counselor?

    • Transition to a new school
    • Need help with student behavior, motivation and success
    • Academic achievement concerns
    • Special personal needs of students
    • Crisis situations
    • Family transitions

    How can a student contact the school counselor?

    • Self referral by student
    • Parent referral
    • Peer referral
    • Counselor observation

    Early Act Virtues

    Educational program for elementary and middle school students that teaches high moral character traits and important social skills through sequence of monthly virtues. Every six weeks Crockett Superstars are recognized and celebrated for exemplifying these virtues in an award ceremony. 

    EAFK Program