• Sinfonietta Orchestra

    • Requires no audition, this orchestra is for the hobbyist who wishes to continue to play their instrument in high school but will not be as intensive as the other sections. If you feel you need some refreshers for topics, this is your class! 
      If you wish to participate in UIL Solo and Ensemble to challenge yourself, you can!

    Philharmonic Orchestra (By audition only)

    • Think of this orchestra as a pre-AP class, it is intensive to a degree but still has some flexibility. This is the advancing group where we will work on skills and technique needed for the Chamber Orchestra while playing fun repertoire. The Philharmonic Orchestra is a UIL Non-Varsity performing group. You will also have opportunities to perform outside of class at different events. You might be asked to audition for the Symphony Orchestra UIL group* depending on needs of the ensemble. 
    • It is suggested that you audition for the Philharmonic Region 12 orchestra in the Fall.  If you want to challenge yourself and participate in UIL Solo and Ensemble you can as well! 

    Chamber Orchestra (By audition only)

    • Think of this orchestra as an AP class. We will be exploring high concepts and techniques as we play advanced and professional repertoire from the great composers of old to modern masterpieces. If you are serious about playing your instrument this is the class for you! The Chamber Orchestra is our Varsity UIL performing group and everyone in the class is expected to also play in the Symphony orchestra UIL group* as well. You will have many opportunities to perform outside of class
    • It is suggested that you audition for the Region 12 Philharmonic Orchestra or the Region 12 Symphony Orchestra and participate in UIL Solo and Ensemble. 
      • * The Full Symphony orchestra is a combined ensemble with band that will meet outside of class. It is not its own class period.

    AP Music Theory (General Music)

    • The AP Music Theory course is for any music student at San Marcos High School that is enrolled in any performing ensemble. (Band, Choir, Guitar, Mariachi, Orchestra) It is recommended that you take this class if you are a junior or senior with at least 5 years of experience performing music. The class is designed to develop a student’s ability to recognize, understand and describe the basic materials and processes of music that are heard and/or presented in a score. All students are expected to take the AP Music Theory test in the Spring Semester. The achievement of this goal may best be promoted by integrated approaches to the student’s development of:
      • Aural skills through listening exercises
      • Sight-singing skills through performance exercises
      • Written skills through written exercises
      • Musical compositional skills through creative exercises
      • Analytical skills through analytical exercises