Degrees and Certifications:

Jessica Botello

I am honored to teach art at Rodriguez Elementary.  This will be my twelfth year of teaching and my tenth year as a teacher with SMCISD.  San Marcos is such a beautiful city, I enjoy living and teaching in my community. 

I am an artist and I enjoy helping others learn how to produce art. I include the art, art history, art appreciation and cross curricular concepts in to every lesson to create an enriched learning atmosphere.  I encourage my students to evaluate their work and the work of their peers, master artists.  Each child is unique and I believe students should experiment with a variety of media to create unique works.  My students will have pride in their own creations and respect the work of others.  I often incorporate collaboration into my lessons, I feel it is a great way to build community in schools.  My students in the past have worked together to produce large scale works within their school and our community. 

My first semester of college, I realized I could combine my passion for art with my passion for teaching.  I am a proud first generation college graduate.  I was born and raised in Austin, Texas.  I am married and have two daughters.  My family and I moved to San Marcos in 2006 while I was attending Texas State University.  I have experience teaching elementary and high school art. My hobbies include painting, drawing and walks with my family.

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  • SMCISD Fine Arts at the elementary level includes Music and Visual Arts. 

    • Elementary schools must provide TEKS-based instruction to all students in Art and Music at each grade level (Kindergarten-grade 5). 

    • Elementary students are required to demonstrate proficiency in all fine arts disciplines at the appropriate grade levels. 

      • Time requirement: School districts must ensure that sufficient time is provided for teachers to teach and for students to learn all of the required grade-level learning standards. 

    SMCISD offers K-5 Art to all students enrolled in elementary school.

    Art Instruction: The “Broad Strokes of Art”

    1. Appreciation 

      1. Art teachers will promote the learning of artistic mediums and styles, making students aware of various art shows and competitions in which to participate as available through both the school district and the community.

      2. Middle school and elementary Art teachers are to participate in and coach students in UIL Art as promoters of Art and Art appreciation.

      3. SMCISD Art teachers are to participate in and coach students in TAEA TEAMS (elementary), Jr. VASE (middle school), and VASE (high school) events as promoters of Art and Art appreciation.

    2. Critical Thinking/Evaluation

      1. Through the use of genres, art teachers will explore the cultural heritage and relevance through art history and analyze the impact on artistic forms and creations to allow students to evaluate these impacts.

      2. Teachers will assist students to think critically by determining expressive qualities and characteristics of art, exploring various stylistic approaches to expand insight and visual literacy.

    3. Imagination/Creativity

      1. Art teachers will encourage students to express their ideas through original artwork.

      2. Elementary Art teachers will incorporate a variety of materials to allow students to develop creative skills in various 2D & 3D media (i.e., drawing, painting, building, and sculpting).

      3. Teachers will promote creativity and individuality that will support the emotional development of the student and allow personal expression.

    4. Historical/Cultural Relevance

      1. The student will demonstrate an understanding of cultural, historical, and artistic diversity.

      2. Students will be able to compare and contrast the cultural significance as communicated through art, identifying historical figures and their significance in art history.

      3. Students will study art representing personal heritage and environments through various mediums.


    Art lessons are based on the TEKS while utilizing the Art of Education University curriculum and consider age appropriateness.  Lessons build on the instruction provided previously, incorporating the “The Broad Strokes of Art” as listed above.  Art lessons engage students in active learning, critical thinking, use of technology (writing, videos, etc.) and innovative problem-solving incorporating WICOR and AVID strategies. Teachers develop cognitive functioning and support to increase student academic achievement through social emotional learning/supports, increase of higher order thinking skills, communication, and collaboration.

    K-5 student artwork is presented in an Art Exhibit/Show a minimum of once annually per grade level for the campus learning community, and will demonstrate the comprehensive learning that has taken place in the classroom.  Each campus Art teacher also provides specific extension activities for an extracurricular group to extend art learning for students with special interests and promise as artists. All K-5 Art students are allowed the opportunity to participate in the TAEA competition (TEAMS) sponsored by their Art teacher.  (NOTE: Parents are responsible for the student's entry fee of $12.)