• The goal of the choral music program is to help each student develop and strengthen musical concepts and skills enabling the student to be an independent musician for life.  At Miller MS we will continue on the same track as the middle school music curriculum, using the Zoltán Kodaly philosophy of music education. Zoltán Kodaly was a prominent Hungarian composer and musician, who spent a good portion of his life dedicated to improving the musical education of the Hungarian nation- an interest that developed over many years.   He believed that music should belong to everyone, not just the elite, and that it is every child's right to receive a music education. With this as our foundation, we will strive to not only teach your children how to read and perform music, but to also become performers, educated listeners, creative human beings, and stewards of their cultural heritage.  

    Choral/Vocal music students at Miller will study and practice good vocal techniques, music history, and music theory and apply it to a wide variety of repertoire.  Students will be offered the opportunity to perform as individuals, small ensembles, and as a full chorus. Choir students learn the art of teamwork and cooperation. Choir should be a meaningful highlight of each student’s high school experience.