• Beginner Band 

    Beginner Band class is open to everyone that is interested in joining Band! This class serves as an introduction to the Band world, and is a prerequisite for being in either the Symphonic Band or the Wind Ensemble. In this class, students will build the foundation and discipline necessary to become successful and self-reliant musicians. These classes are broken up by specific instruments. 


    An Audition is required for the Symphonic Band and the Wind Ensemble

    Auditions happen at the end of the previous year.


    Symphonic Band

    The Symphonic Band is a band for developing musicians that have completed a Beginner Band course either at Miller or another school. In this band, students will continue to work on developing tone quality and the aural skills necessary to play together and in-tune. In addition, students will develop the skills necessary for competition in UIL events. 


    Wind Ensemble

    The Wind Ensemble is one of the premier groups for the Miller Band Program. Students in this group learn the intricacies necessary to perform at an exceptional level and compete in various group and individual competitions. Competitions include, but are not limited to, UIL Concert and Sight Reading contest, All-Region, and Solo and Ensemble.

    Jazz Band

    The Jazz Band is one of the premier groups for the Miller Band Program. Students in this group have the opportunity to explore the world of music that lies outside of the concert band setting. Students also have the opportunity to develop formal improvisation skills while discovering genres such as swing, rock, funk, latin, and pop. This group is open to all students currently enrolled in an advanced band.