Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Hailey Navaira

    • SMCISD Fine Arts at the elementary level includes Music and Visual Arts. 

      • Elementary schools must provide TEKS-based instruction to all students in Art and Music at each grade level (Kindergarten-grade 5). 

      • Elementary students are required to demonstrate proficiency in all fine arts disciplines at the appropriate grade levels. 

        • Time requirement: School districts must ensure that sufficient time is provided for teachers to teach and for students to learn all of the required grade-level learning standards. 

      SMCISD offers K-5 Music to all students enrolled in elementary school.  

      SMCISD Music Instruction: “Five Lines of Music”

      1. Rhythm

        1. Instruction in rhythm is the first basic music skill.  It will be incrementally increased as determined for elementary students by internalizing the beat and reading basic rhythm patterns.  

        2. SMCISD Elementary Music Teachers utilize specifically determined counting methods to unilaterally instruct students on producing rhythms verbally based on grade level appropriateness.  These methods are supportive of the vertical alignment with secondary programs and methods.  
      2. Notation

        1. Instruction in reading music notation will occur in 2nd-5th grades.

        2. Students in grades 2-5 will increasingly develop their ability to read and comprehend the Treble Clef through the use of the recorder, Orff, and vocal instruments with increasing difficulty and integration of rhythmic notation up to the eighth note by the end of 5th grade.

        3. Students in grades 1-5 will  increasingly develop their inner ear with the use of solfege as promoted through the Kodaly Method of instruction.

      3. Appreciation

        1. Elementary students will develop ability to recognize classical and modern works of music and styles, and are encouraged to participate in the UIL Music Memory competition.

        2. Students will learn a variety of music skills, course offerings available at secondary levels, and employment opportunities that exist in the field of music.  

      4. Performance

        1. Students will participate in performances to meet TEKS established by the State of Texas to grow students in soft skill areas that will benefit them in all areas of learning.

        2. Students will analyze personal performances, live performances and/or recordings (visual/audible) of various genres to encourage critical thinking and personal improvement.

      5. Musicianship

        1. Students will learn musicianship through individual and group performance opportunities that allow students to demonstrate music expressively, with accurate intonation and rhythm, and demonstrate fundamental skills and performance techniques.

        2. Students will be guided to perform a variety of repertoire at an appropriate level of difficulty in a variety of genres by notation and by memory.