• Device Usage

    How will students with disabilities participate?
    All students can take advantage of this opportunity. Some modifications to the device may be made as determined by the student’s ARD / IEP (Admissions, Review and Dismissal / Individualized Education Program) committee.

    What if students do not have internet access at home?
    Many device programs do not actually require Internet, but each campus is equipped with wireless access to meet students’ needs. Public libraries and many local businesses also offer access.  Please see Rattler 1:1 Community Wi-Fi.

    What if students come to class with their device not charged?
    Students should charge their devices every evening to ensure full battery for the school day. A new 1:1-specific Acceptable Use Policy agreement includes this expectation. Coming to class with an uncharged device is the same as coming without needed assignments or materials.

    What if the device's battery dies while in class?
    Teachers may allow students to recharge devices as needed, subject to availability of power sources.

    Will the district preload devices with needed software and apps?
    Devices will roll out with a standard set of applications. Teachers can request additional class-specific downloads for their students.

    Are students able to take their devices home? 
    SMCISD believes 24/7 access to the same device will benefit students. Since applications, textbooks and content will be saved on student devices, the district encourages its primary use at both school and home.

    Rules and Procedures

    What is the cost for students?
    Students do not have to pay to participate in this program, however, a device protection plan is available for a one-time, yearly charge of $20.

    Who is responsible for loss, theft or damage?
    Parents/Guardians are financially responsible for 1:1 devices. Students will receive lessons on responsible use, safekeeping, and best-practices for device utilization. They are responsible for taking care of their devices. Each device also comes with a protective case. Parents/Guardians will be charged replacement fees for accessories and lost covers.  There is a device protection plan available that will provide coverage for theft and damaged devices.

    Can students opt out?
    San Marcos CISD's 1:1 initiative aims to prepare students to become digital age learners. The device initiative gives students increased access to digital resources that support research, collaboration and creativity. Having a device for school use not only makes the learning experience more engaging, but it also allows students to better prepare for the future and for successful careers.

    Do students keep the same device every year?
    Yes.  Devices will be collected prior to the last day of the school year.  The same device will be redistributed to each student when school begins for the following year.

    What if students leave the district?
    All devices are the property of San Marcos CISD. If students leave the district, they must return their devices. Currently, students will turn in devices before leaving for the summer.

    Parents and Students

    How are students protected from inappropriate content?
    While, the district’s Internet filtering provides some protection against questionable websites or applications, teachers and parents play a key role as well. Teachers should monitor device usage in class to ensure students stay on task. Parents should also check also Internet browser history and social media activity.

    Will digital citizenship and online safety be taught?
    The district’s curriculum will provide lessons on both digital citizenship and cybersafety, with a celebration of Cybersafety Week each September. High school teachers will receive professional development to help strengthen efforts for 1:1 students.

    Will students be given guidelines or expectations for their devices?
    Students will sign a 1:1-specific Acceptable Use Policy agreement before receiving their devices. This document outlines responsible use and safekeeping, in addition to the District Responsible Use Agreement. If students break the agreement, they could face campus or district discipline.

    Will students need to print at home?
    Google Drive, and other district programs provide digital alternatives to assignment submission, so printers are not required. If needed, documents or projects can be saved to Google Drive and downloaded on a campus PC for access to a network printer.

Last Modified on November 28, 2018