About Us

  • The Department of Information Technology is committed to providing the highest level of technological services and information technology resources to the San Marcos Consolidated Independent School District and strives to be the standard in technology support in K-12 education.


Mission, Vision & Beliefs

  • Our Mission is simple:

    Provide secure, reliable, and relevant solutions aligned to academic and administrative goals, while delivering excellent service and direction.

    Vision Statement:

    We envision an environment where staff and students have ready access to the information and technologies that help every student reach their maximum potential. The underlying technical infrastructure is enterprise-class and invisible to customers. High-performing, well-configured modern devices and applications are tailored to the strategies of SMCISD instructional designers, and available to all staff and students. An understanding of how to maximize the effectiveness of these technologies is ubiquitous across the organization, and those with advanced knowledge and skills proactively share with others. Growth-oriented and innovative mindsets are standard as the organization strategically navigates towards common goals. Subsequently, the local and global communities profit while SMCISD students flourish as conscientious and digitally fluent citizens.


    The foundation of the Technology Department is our Team Beliefs:

    • Proper use of well-designed technologies can improve organizational effectiveness and enable individualized pursuit of knowledge.
    • Technology enhances equal participation in collaborative conversations that improve outcomes both locally and globally.
    • SMCISD faculty members are committed to excellence in a complex and honorable profession, and we enthusiastically support them.
    • We must anticipate the needs of educators, and proactively provide services that benefit them. 
    • Our customers require a safe and reliable computing experience, with the access and freedom to be innovative.
    • We serve as SMCISD ambassadors and role models, and our own attitude and enthusiasm can positively impact both peers and students.
    • Excellent support is only possible when we cultivate positive relationships  and understand our customers' use of technologies.
    • We must be transparent, and openly seek and consider the feedback and ideas from all stakeholders.
    • Marketing positive contributions and services builds trust and understanding.
    • We can improve the impact of technology through coaching and consultative outreach.
    • Our own learning is never complete, and we must continually pursue the highest degree of professional competence.
    • There is always room for improvement.
    • Students are the ultimate customer.

Contact Us

  • Address
    201 South Suttles

    Building 2
    San Marcos, TX 78666

    Department: (512) 393-6905
    Family & Student Support Line: (512) 757-8880, option 3


Last Modified on June 3, 2024