General Information

  • A technology device (computer or tablet) may be issued to your student to use both at school and at home to enrich modern education and instruction. As with any material provided for student use, parents/guardians are responsible for ensuring proper care of the resource.  If damage does occur, SMCISD will implement device repair fines to cover the costs of the repair as outlined in the Technology Device Care & Responsibility guideline.

    To avoid unexpected repair expenses, SMCISD is pleased to offer an extremely low cost Accidental Damage Protection Plan to cover the repair charges.  For only $25 per student per year, you will be protected from device repair fines for technology devices that are checked out to your child.

Policy & Terms

  • Cost and Coverage

    • One $25 purchase covers one student for one school year from purchase date through the last day of summer instruction 2024.
    • Protection plans must be purchased FROM EACH CAMPUS your children attend.

    What is Covered

    • 1:1 computers checked out to the covered student after the plan is purchased. Also covers replacement devices, loaners, and damaged chargers.


    • All parts and labor to repair accidental damage to the device or charger
    • Multiple claims allowed
    • Replacement costs for stolen devices, with proof of a police report.

    Limits of Coverage

    • Loss is not covered.  Fines to replace lost devices & chargers are calculated at Fair Market Value. 
    • Up to $400 in cumulative repair fines are covered.  Fines in excess of $400 must be paid at full value.
    • Devices damaged beyond repair may be replaced once under this plan.

    Repair Fines Without Coverage  (Students who have a 1:1 device checked out to them and do not have this protection service will be liable for device repair fines according to the cost of parts and estimated labor.)

    • Level 1 - $35
    • Level 2 - $75
    • Level 3 - $125
    • Level 4 - $185

    Device Replacement Costs Without Coverage

    • $200 - $550

    Claims process

    • Devices must be turned in at your child's campus to start the process.
    • All outstanding loss/repair fines and overdue checkouts must be cleared before repair claims will be honored.  Students can check their status at .  


    Sample Order FormProtection plans are specific to the campus that your child attends

    For example, if you have two children attending Goodnight Middle School, and one child at San Marcos High School, you must purchase Qty 2 from GNMS, and Qty 1 from SMHS.


    • Please have your child's correct 6-digit numeric SMCISD Student ID before making your purchase.  It is required to apply the protection plan to your child's record in our systems.
    • Click the 'Sample Order' thumbnail picture shown here to view additional instructions for the online order form.


Buy Device Protection Plans Online

  • GNMS Device Protection Plan
  • SMHS Device Protection Plan
Last Modified on August 31, 2023