Employee Child Transfer Request Q&A

  • Can every employee of the district receive an Employee Child Transfer for their child? Children of SMCISD employees may request a transfer to another campus or into the district. “Children” as used in this section means the biological or legally adopted children of the employee or children by marriage that live primarily with the employee.


    I work at Crockett/Travis Elementary and this is a Frozen campus to transfers, will my child automatically be approved for a transfer? NOT NECESSARILY, the FROZEN status applies to all district employees and must not displace a child that lives in the school’s attendance zone. District employment creates no right, expectation, or enrollment priority. If student transfer requests exceed the available seats at a school/grade, applicants will be approved on a contingency basis and placed on a waiting list for the school/grade requested.


    What are the requirements for a child to attend school under an Employee Child Transfer? The employee must work for the district, the transfer must not displace a child that lives in the school’s attendance zone, and the child must meet the definition of “children” in answer #1.


    How long is the transfer for? Must it be renewed? The transfer is valid for the years the employee and the child are at that campus. No renewal is necessary during this time.


    Can a transfer be blocked or revoked? The principal may revoke or block a transfer.


    If a principal revokes an Employee Child Transfer, what do I do? Before revoking, it is strongly advised that a “face to face” conference be held with the employee. In this conference, the parent/employee should be reminded of the higher expectations that come with this transfer, the specific concerns you currently have, and the consequence if there is no improvement.


    What are the reasons that a transfer may be blocked or revoked? It may be revoked for excessive absences/tardies, violations of the student code of conduct, and for failing grades for the semester.


    What if the employee is transferred to another campus?  The employee could ask for a continued enrollment for the remainder of the year if they remain an employee of the district. If the employee wants their child to follow them to a new campus, a new Employee Child Transfer would need to be completed.


    What if the employee moves out of the district? An Out-of-District Employ Child Transfer would need to be completed and approved to remain in the district.


    What happens at the end of the child’s placement at their parent’s particular school? The student must attend the middle that is assigned per their home address. Parents wanting their child to follow their child’s classmates to the middle or high school should complete a School Transfer.


    Do students that live with an employee under a power of attorney qualify for an Employee Child Transfer? They do not qualify for an Employee Child Transfer.


    Do children placed by CPS, a Court, or Probation Office qualify for an Employee Child Transfer? These children also do not qualify for an Employee Child Transfer.


    What happens if the employee terminates their employment?  A Student Transfer form would need to be completed and approved to remain at the campus.


Last Modified on April 8, 2019