How to be an SMCISD Volunteer

  • Volunteer Program

    Volunteers are an invaluable asset to the San Marcos CISD campuses. In a time of budget restrictions, volunteers provide classroom teacher assistance in many capacities that would not normally be possible. Additionally, these dedicated workers bring a wealth of talent and skills to our district for the benefit of the children. 

    Existing Approved Volunteers

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    Volunteer Guidelines:

    • Volunteers can apply using the links below: 
    • Attend an orientation meeting conducted by the campus volunteer coordinator. You will be given a school tour and informed of basic school procedure (i.e. schedules, fire drills and escapes, parking, and emergency procedure.
    • Sign in each time you volunteer on campus. Sign in sheets are provided at each campus. School personnel must know who is in the building.
    • Record your hours each time you volunteer.
    • Wear an identification badge, which is provided by the school.
    • Use common sense in your dress. Be neat, not dressy. Keep in mind that you are a model for students.
    • Consider things heard or seen at school as confidential.
    • Do not publicly criticize school personnel or guidelines. If a problem arises, consult your volunteer coordinator or the campus principal.
    • Do not discuss the students you work with and their problems publicly. If you need help with a student, discuss the matter professionally with the teacher, counselor, assistant principal, or principal.
    • Maintain consistent and regular attendance. A minimum of one hour per week is usually given. Dependability is the most important factor in the volunteer’s relationship with students and campus staff.
    • Notify the campus coordinator and your assigned teacher or staff person immediately if you must be absent.
    • Do not bring your children to school unless there is a Parent Center at the campus which can accommodate your child. This is for their safety and well being.

    Guidelines for Working with Students:

    In order to participate in volunteer programs, you must adhere to these procedures at all times:

    • Meeting with Students
      • All meetings and/or activities with students must take place on the school grounds or as part of a school-sponsored field trip.
      • All activities with a student or students must take place in a room with an open door or on the school grounds in sight of school staff representatives.
      • Off campus contact is strictly prohibited unless under the direct supervision of school officials.
      • Never give a student your home phone number.
    • Transportation – Transporting a student in your personal car is prohibited. Students must be transported in a school district vehicle (field trips), in a school official’s vehicle, or in a parent or legal guardian’s vehicle. Do not put yourself in the position of being alone with any student in any vehicle.
    • Physical Contact -- Many of the children we work with have a strong need for positive physical contact with caring adults. You are encouraged to be a positive role model. However, your physical contact should be limited to holding a hand, giving a pat on the back, or sharing a hug in full view of other school officials. Remember that what you see as simple, friendly affection between the student and yourself may be viewed as something entirely different by someone else.
    • Confidentiality -- All information you are told about your student is confidential, and sharing that information with others may be a violation of the law. However, there are certain things that you are required by law to tell the principal that are exceptions to this requirement of confidentiality, and it is critical not only for the welfare of the student, but also to protect you from violating the law. 
      • These exceptions are: If a student confides that he or she is the victim of sexual, emotional, chemical, or physical abuse, or is considering homicide or suicide, or is involved in any illegal activity, you MUST notify the student’s principal immediately. Make a note on your calendar when this information was reported and to whom it was given. Remember, this information is extremely personal and capable of damaging someone, so do not share it with anyone except the appropriate authorities. If you have questions, please ask a campus administrator.

    Summary – These volunteer guidelines are designed to protect students from harm and to prevent even the appearance of impropriety on the part of the individual mentors, volunteers, students, and schools participating in the SMCISD volunteer programs. Please know that we appreciate your participation, and that we appreciate your adhering to these guidelines. If you have additional questions, ask your school principal, campus volunteer coordinator, or call the Human Resources Department.

Last Modified on October 15, 2020