• San Marcos CISD has called for two election items to appear on the May ballot. 


    Each item will appear on the May 6 ballot after receiving approval from the SMCISD Board of Trustees during its regular meeting in February. Updates to this webpage will happen continuously over the next few weeks and months prior to election day. SMCISD will send out several messages as information becomes available, but for easier access, please bookmark www.smcisd.net/bond2023 for the latest updates. We have also added two buttons on our main SMCISD website to have easy access to all Bond 2023 updates. 


    Chapter 49 Election (Recapture/Robin Hood Law) - Prop A

    SMCISD voters will also be asked to consider authorizing the SMCISD Board of Trustees to purchase attendance credits from the state with local tax revenue. 


    Voters are being asked to consider this item as SMCISD’s property values have reached a point where the district has entered into recapture. State law requires an Attendance Credit Election – also known as a Chapter 49 Election – for voters to approve the process by which the school district makes these mandatory recapture payments if such an election was not held previously.


    If passed, the school district would make its mandatory recapture payments to the state. 


    If the measure fails, the school district would be subject to a “Detachment of Territory,” which means the state will detach a portion of the school district’s total property value. If the measure fails, SMCISD could need to raise the interest & sinking (I&S) tax rate to pay existing debt with a smaller tax base after some territory is detached. 



    Bond Election

    SMCISD voters will take part in a bond election. Proposition B will ask voters to consider school bonds for construction, renovation, and equipment of school buildings in the district; and the purchase of new school buses. 


    Included in Prop B will be a new Mendez Elementary School building. Site management, renovations and improvements will be included at Bonham Pre-Kindergarten, Bowie Elementary, Crockett Elementary, De Zavala Elementary, Hernandez Elementary and Travis Elementary in Prop B. 


    Goodnight Middle School would see site improvements, band and theater additions, and a new PA system with Prop B’s approval. Athletic renovations and additions as well as a new PA system for Miller Middle School are included in Prop B. At San Marcos High School, Prop B would add classroom additions, and administration and performing arts additions.


    Prop B would also include districtwide safety infrastructure, technology, transportation and mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) improvements. Prop B will cost $147,724,625. 


    Proposition C will ask voters to consider replacing the field turf at San Marcos High School’s Rattler Stadium. Prop C will cost $984,563. 


    Proposition D asks voters to consider school bonds for the construction of a natatorium. The natatorium would be built at San Marcos High School and would include a 25-yard by 25-yard pool, and support space. Prop D will cost $17,478,750. 




    Early voting for the May 6 election will take place between April 24-May 2 for SMCISD voters in Hays, Caldwell, and Guadalupe counties. 


    Election Day is May 6. 


Last Modified on March 23, 2023