Route Design

  • Bus routes are created to enhance student safety while maximizing vehicle efficiency. Stops are created to allow students to wait off the main roadway for the bus if at all possible. Stops are also created to minimize students walking along highly-traveled roadways for long distances without sidewalks. Stops are not placed on dead end streets whenever possible to minimize bus accidents while backing up (backing up is a very dangerous maneuver for a school bus). Stops are spread as far apart as criteria will allow in order to decrease the number of stops each bus will make on its route, thus minimizing riding time for the students.

    Elementary students may be required to walk up to 1/4 of a mile to a bus stop. Secondary students may be required to walk up to 1/2 of a mile. Bus routes are designed to limit student ride time to no more than 1 hour one-way if at all possible. However, most students only ride between 30-45 minutes one-way.

    The above design criteria are for regular students only.  Students in special programs are subject to different design criteria. Contact the Transportation Department for additional information.

Bus Ridership Capacities

  • School buses are rated by manufacturers to have capacities based on three riders per seat. San Marcos CISD has adopted maximum ridership per bus at 3 riders per seat at elementary levels, 2 riders per seat at middle school levels, and 2 riders per seat at high school levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens if I'm not home to receive my child after school?

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    If no one is home to receive your child when the driver arrives, K-12 grade students are dropped at bus stop locations. The District Transportation is not responsible for students after they depart the school bus at their designated bus stops. It is the responsibility of the parent to arrange to meet students at bus stops.

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  • Why does it take up to three days to begin transportation services for my child?

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    When a new student is added to or dropped from a driver's list, the time of pick-up and drop-off changes for all students. Parents need information as quickly as possible to adjust to changing pick-up and drop-off times. The driver also needs information about their children before transporting them. The three day lead between notice and start of transport allows for necessary information processing.

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  • Whom do I call when I have questions or concerns?

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    If you have questions or concerns about transportation services for your child, please call the Transportation Department at 512-393-6509.

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Last Modified on August 2, 2022