3 Year Old Classroom Goals

  • 3 YEAR OLDS:


    Sorting into groups of five or more
    Rote counting to 20
    Touch counting to 15
    Recognizing number 0-9
    Tracing/Writing numbers 0-9
    Letter Awareness:

    Writing our name independently
    Tracing/Writing our last name
    Recognizing our names and the names of our classmates
    Spelling our name out loud
    Fine Motor:

    Cutting shapes out with scissors
    Drawing stick people and other objects
    Writing with a pencil

    Playing group games outside
    Walking in line
    Balancing on a balance beam
    Jumping, standing on one foot, hopping, skipping

Daily Schedule

  • 7:00 /Inside/Outside Free Time (Combined with younger ages)
    8:00 Breakfast
    8:30 Circle Time (Greeting of the week, Pledge, Calendar, Weather, and Daily Message)
    9:30 Large Group (Song, Read Aloud, Introduce activities, and Question of the Day)
    10:00 Small Groups

    • Monday: Group One - Math, Group Two - Art
    • Tuesday: Group One - Art, Group Two - Math
    • Wednesday: Group One - Literacy, Group Two - Fine Motor/Writing
    • Thursday: Group One - Fine Motor/Writing
    • Friday: Cooking or Free Time

    10:15 Centers (Construction, Pretend and Learning, Art, Writing, Rug Toys/Math, Library, Science, Listening, and Light Table)
    10:50 Outside Learning (Group Activity)
    11:30 Lunch
    12:00 Letter Wall
    12:15 Journals
    1:00 Group Art
    1:30 Rest Time
    3:00 Prepare for Home
    3:15 Snack
    3:30 Outside Free Time/Centers
    4:00 Combine with younger classes

    *Schedule subject to change without notice*

Last Modified on July 8, 2019