San Marcos CISD Translation Services Policy

  • San Marcos CISD Translation Services Policy

    Translation and Interpretation Services Available:

    Translation and interpretation services are available free of charge to San Marcos CISD schools and departments.  San Marcos CISD will provide language support to schools and parents to assist in communicating academic information and promote participation in all school-related activities.

    According to data from the Home Language survey, and to meet federal requirements, the San Marcos CISD District Improvement Plan (DIP) and all Campus Improvement Plans (CIPs) will be translated to Spanish.  The English and Spanish version of the District Improvement Plan is posted on the district website.   Both the English and Spanish version of Campus Improvement Plans are posted to specific campus websites. 

    Additional District Improvement Plan and Campus Improvement Plan translations will occur when there are twenty or more students enrolled at any campus with a native language other than English or Spanish as reported on the home language survey.   

    Interpreter availability is determined by language requested and how far in advance a request is made.