Disability Services

  • Hill Country Mental Health Developmental Disability
    (512)-558-2015, For Spanish call: Diana at number 830-625-7394

    Services Provided: Will help clients with Mental Retardation get services they need.

    Leave a message for an intake appointment and to get on the HCS list.

    Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services (DARS)

    Services Provided: For students and adults age 16 and above who have a disability and may need assistance working, includes support for further education.

    Call 1-877-438-5658

    (Community Living Assistance and Support Services)

    Services Provided: Primary disability is something other than MR, such as autism or

    Other developmental disability

    All you do is call and ask to be put on the list – have student’s SS# handy

Last Modified on July 24, 2017