About Transition Services

  • Transition services, accommodations, and supports help students gain access to and achieve success within chosen postschool options. Postschool options may include postsecondary education, community service, employment, mental and physical health care, access to transportation, access to financial planning advice and management, and participation in leisure or recreational activities, as well as a number of other adult roles.

    Most students use informal sources of support such as family, friends, community education programs, recreation programs, and employers. Federal and state laws require the provision of individualized services to students with disabilities. For these students, receiving appropriate assistance requires service coordination, which is a structured, cooperative effort among organizations and agencies to effectively and efficiently provide services to those who qualify for them.

    District Transition Designee

    Amy Loveless    •    Phone: (512) 393-6812    •    Email: amy.loveless@smcisd.net