Student ID Badges

  • As a way to increase security and efficiency on secondary campuses, San Marcos CISD requires all students, grades 6-12, to wear SMCISD issued identification (ID) at all times. The student ID provides greater efficiency for students when interacting with various district services including the library, cafeteria and transportation. 
    Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions regarding student IDs.

Student ID Badge Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will the Student IDs be used to track students?

  • What information is stored on the student ID?

  • How does the RFID chip work?

  • Why is San Marcos CISD implementing a student ID program?

  • Who is required to wear an ID?

  • What is the ID used for?

  • Does my student have to use the district issued lanyard?

  • How do IDs make my child's campus safer?

Last Modified on January 7, 2020