• CHALLENGE YOURSELF! Students take part in course selection each spring for the upcoming school year. Students are encouraged to take part in Pre-AP and AP courses. SMCISD believes that Pre-AP and AP courses are a great pathway in preparing our students for college-level work after high school. It is recommended that students take no more than three (3) Pre-AP and/or AP classes per year. Pre-AP and AP courses require student commitment. Students should work with their counselor using AP Potential information to select AP courses for which they have the most potential for success. Challenge yourself and earn college credit. To sustain the AP Program at SMHS, we do ask that students are committed to remaining in AP course(s) for the school year.   



    Courses that prepare you to take AP courses in high school 



    AP courses are developed by the College Board to give high school students an introduction to college-level courses and at the same time, give students an opportunity to earn COLLEGE CREDIT. The AP course rigor is more difficult than regular high school courses. Students must pass an AP exam with a 3, 4, or 5 at the end of the year to earn college credit. 



    • Save money by earning college credit
    • Help students transition with required skills for success from high school to college
    • Improve your skills in writing, critical thinking, and analysis




Pre-AP and Advanced Placement (AP)

  • For more information please contact: 


    CJ Odam- Assistant Principal, Campus Coordinator of Advanced Academics

    Debbie Smith - District Coordinator of Advanced Academics