• SchooLinks is a modern, college and career readiness platform to prepare students for what comes after graduation. SchooLinks helps students discover their interests and strengths, explore colleges and careers, and create an individualized career and academic plan that best reflects their post-secondary goals. SchooLinks at SMCISD is accessible by 6th-12th grade students and their parents, counselors and staff.

    Student guides can be found on the grade level pages.

    • 6th-8th Grade
    • 9th-12th Grade


  • SchooLinks features are incredibly user-friendly and were designed to streamline the college and career readiness workflow for counselors and staff.

    Using SchooLinks, teachers, counselors and staff can:

    • Centralize all student info in one place (course plans, resumes, transcripts, scores, etc.)
    • Build their Personal Graduation Plan (PGP)
    • Communicate with students and parents.
    • Visualize analytics to understand cohort level trends.

    Using SchooLinks, high school teachers, counselors and staff can:

    • Track students’ college applications
    • Post internships, scholarships and career fairs
    • Send electronic transcripts and supporting documents

    Student Login: Students will login to SchooLinks via Clever. Then select SchooLinks logo.

Last Modified on February 28, 2024