• San Marcos CISD wants to keep you informed. Information is critical in helping you to make the best decisions for you and your family during the COVID-19 pandemic. This dashboard will be updated weekly with information the district has reported to the Texas Education Agency. 

    Reportable Case Criteria:

    • Lab-confirmed positive case.
    • Person testing positive was on a San Marcos CISD campus.
    • The date of report (for recording purposes) is the date San Marcos CISD was notified of the positive test

    Additional Notification

    Campuses that experience a reportable, lab-confirmed positive COVID case will notify all parents and staff that a case has occurred on the campus. Individuals who were determined to be in close contact with anyone who experienced a reportable, lab-confirmed positive test result will receive an additional notification with specific instructions. Students and staff members who test positive, but who were not on campus during a period in which they could have infected others, are not included in the Texas Education Agency reporting criteria and thus not reflected in this chart.

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