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Crockett Family Hike and Explore

This past Saturday, Crockett Elementary hosted their first of two "Family Hike and Explore" events at Purgatory Greenspace. Despite not having the most ideal weather and other city events going on, the event was a success with over 40 students and parents in attendance. The goal behind these events is to get families out and involved in an active way and to explore some of our wonderful green spaces in town and we were able to accomplish just that. Several students in attendance had never been out on the trail and they had an absolute blast. The hike was a 3 mile loop, through cleared trails that offered families scenic views of the hill country and local wildlife. A big thanks to everyone that came out and made this day a success.

The second hiking event will be held in the spring semester at Spring Lake Greenspace, so be on the lookout for information regarding this event after the holiday break.

Happy Hiking, Coach Jones

Dylan Jones